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Dickinson Law Firm, PLLC, was built based on principles of client service, ethics, and personal attention.  The firm has continued to grow based on current client and attorney referrals.  We attribute our loyal client base to providing clients with excellent, attentive, and honest service.


Dickinson Law Firm, PLLC, serves a wide variety of civil clients, ranging from individuals to mid-sized businesses for transactional and litigation matters.  Our clients come from a wide range of industries including construction, medical providers, entertainment, property management and acquisition, technology,  banking, Indian tribes, I-502 businesses, and financial recovery firms.  We serve individuals and businesses in regard to property rights, litigation, probate filings and disputes, estate planning, collections, contracts, entity formation, employment law advice, and in other civil matters.

Numerous I-502 successful transactions have been completed for purchase and sale (assumptions) of entities and assets.  Over fifty separate I-502 clients represented for business matters since 2014.

Notable Cases

Spokane County Superior Court – Counsel for Defendant, LLC entity and member.   Claim by third party over partial ownership of business.  After discovery and briefing, settled for a zero dollar settlement against the client with threat of sanctions against opposing party for frivolous lawsuit with no legal merit.

Grant County Superior Court – Counsel for Defendant, sexual harassment claims against business owner.  Zero dollar judgment in arbitration of the matter held by retired Superior Court judge.

Spokane County Superior Court – Trial Counsel for Plaintiff, fishing lure company.  Claims of conversion, for replevin, for injunctive relief, trade dress and trademark infringement, unfair competition, tortious interference.  Awarded judgment for treble damages under Consumer Protection Act, Lanham Act, injunction, judgment for fees and costs.

Spokane County Superior Court – Represented claimant in probate trial on theory of equitable adoption/adoption by estoppel.  Initiated TEDRA action so the court could sit in equity to resolve the matter rather than solely on the Washington inheritance statutes.  Case of first impression in Washington.  Prevailed for claimant, the equitably adopted son of the decedent.

Spokane County Superior Court – Represented neighborhood resident contesting rezone of land by developer.  The rezone requested a change from O-35 (Office designation with 35 foot height limit) to OR-150 (Office-retail with 150 foot height limit).  Prevailed at Superior Court on LUPA appeal.

Idaho Supreme Court – Counsel for Defendant.  Defendant accused of civil crime.  Argued statute of limitation issues, that a new statute was not retroactive and non-applicable to the facts of this case.  Prevailed at trial court level, and at Supreme Court level.  Awarded attorney fees as a sanction on appeal against counsel for Plaintiff.

Bankruptcy – Represented out of state judgment debtor on multi-million dollar collection.  Filed judgment in Washington to collect.  Debtor filed bankruptcy.  Successful in forcing a settlement in bankruptcy court to repay majority of debt.

Tribal Court – Presided at appellate court level and authored decision as Chief Justice in regard to whether or not tribal court had jurisdiction over non-tribal defendant when there were allegations of trespass on tribal land.

Spokane County Superior Court – Represented Petitioner on licensing matter against newly formed Department of Early Learning.  Argues DEL Rules violated due process, in that allegations of abuse that were not allowed to be contested precluded Petitioner from ever teaching young children.  Deprived of livelihood (property interest) without due process.  Prevailed in finding DEL Rule was unconstitutional and that Petitioner was entitled to fact-finding hearing in regard to the initial allegation.

Spokane County District Court – Prevailed on collection matter where con artist contracted with Plaintiff to build a pole building.  Plaintiff paid for materials directly to supplier, but materials were not delivered in the correct amount.  Defendant, material supplier, credited scam artist’s account for payment on other debt rather than crediting Plaintiff for the entire amount of materials paid for.  Issues raised of privity between Plaintiff and Defendant as no contract existed between the two.  Judgment for Plaintiff for amount of materials paid for and not delivered.

Spokane County Superior Court – Trial representing father pro bono in third party custody matter.  Wife was imprisoned out of state, and grandmother petitioned for custody of the child.  Father had not yet adopted the child but was the primary caretaker for many years.  Allegations that Father was unfit parent.   Prevailed under theories of de facto parent.


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